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Our Services



We can help you with either Land and Home Mortgages or Home Only Financing. We work with several financial institutions that cater to many financial needs.

With a Land and Home Mortgage, the costs of all the improvements to your land (such as well, septic, driveway, landscaping, etc) can be included in the financing package.

Home Only Financing would be suitable if your home is to be placed on a rented private lot, a mobile home community, or land that you own.



Do you need land? We can helpWe work with experienced realtors in the local area who know the Delaware market, and are more than willing to assist you in your land search.

And don't forget, manufactured home communities or rented private lots are also possibilities for placement of your new home. We can also help you with this.



We know the permitting process; what is needed and when. Having our office located across the street from the new Kent County Administration Building (where many permits are issued) is an added benefit of helping you get permits quickly


Foundation Analysis

We send a certified engineer to test the soil capacity of the land where your home is going to determine proper footer distance, depth, and width. This ensures proper support for your home.